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Major player in Customer Service Outsourcing

Present in 8 countries, across 25 sites, we provide a global onshore and offshore service that meets the challenges of globalization and a multi-service expertise, covering the entire customer relationship management value chain.

For 18 years, we have been supporting prestigious local and international clients, operating in multiple sectors and industries, in the value creation and the optimization of the customer experience, with a unique operational excellence approach.

For this, we rely on the expertise of our 11,000 passionate employees committed to a continuous quality of service, our proximity and agility, and our entrepreneurial spirit. Our corporate culture, founded on a values oriented management and a human DNA, integrates a strong social dimension which guarantees the durability of our activities.


Expertise by Intelcia:

Our diversified expertise hedges the entire BtoB and BtoC customer relationship value chain.

We capitalize on all channels to create value and enrich the customer experience.

At Intelcia, internal promotion is privileged and we actively participate in the development of our employees' career paths.

We provide our employees with a comprehensive training program in business and personal development, in order to meet our clients' requirements and support our employees' skill upgrade.

Our quality approach implements processes that are essential to the performance of our services and customer satisfaction,. Our quality management system is driven by the principle of continuous improvement, and it is in compliance with the standard requirements in force.


Values (Transparency, Commitment, Excellence and Innovation) are at the core of our company culture, and they are applied on a daily basis with both our employees and customers.

Our social policy is based on employee motivation and loyalty. In addition to our competitive compensation offers, and in line with our corporate culture, we focus on employee recognition, proximity management, benefits and services programs, and the implementation of various rewards.